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Tuesday, Jun. 07, 2005, at 7:25 a.m.

Unfortunately it wasn't me that was getting the DP. :-(

Friday night Danny and Nina came over and stayed the evening with us. We went to dinner, played cards, then finally...played with each other.

Danny and I hit the hot tub, believing the spouses were joining us, but they never did. We enjoyed the jets and the nakedness and the balmy weather together. Yes, we kissed, played and teased as well. I stroked him and he fingered me under water. We tried to keep our sounds to a minimum, but at times it was hard to do.

He finally had me bend over the side as he entered me from behind. Water sloshing, grunting, groaning, it was a fun experience. Once we finished and it started getting a bit too warm, we closed up the hot tub (since the spouses didn't seem to want to come out) and went inside. We peeked in on the other two and Hubby was on top of Nina, her legs wrapped around his hips, and he was kissing her. They never saw us.

We went into the other bedroom and proceeded to talk and have sex. He ate me, I went down on him and we just enjoyed the familiarity of being together again.

In the mean time we heard Hubby and Nina go out side and about an hour or so later they returned, just as Danny was taking a bathroom break and I was getting water from the kitchen.

Hubby asked which room we were sleeping in. "We" meaning Danny and I. It surprised me and caught me quite off guard. We hadn't spoken about sleeping arrangements, but I had assumed I'd be sleeping with my husband.

I told him we'd take the master bedroom, since that is where we'd been already. We went our separate ways. Danny and I quickly fell into slumber in each other's arms. Apparently, so did Nina and Hubby.

I woke up around 5:30 to use the restroom and when I returned I cuddled with Danny and reached down to find that he was hard. He awoke immediately and began kissing me. We had missionary sex, then he asked if he could please fuck my "beautiful ass". Of course I said yes. :-)

He turned me over and positioned himself to enter me, he did it smoothly and without effort and I took him in with no hesitation. He slid in and out of me slowly, until I begged him to do it harder, he did and came soon after.

We cuddled once again and drifted to sleep.

A couple of hours later, my arm was being stroked and I was stirred awake. I opened my eyes to see Hubby standing next to the bed, his huge hard cock bulging and his hand keeping it hard.

I smiled, excited that I was finally going to have my husband's cock inside of me, only to be told, that Nina wanted to try "something new" and I knew he meant she wanted to DP.

I was disappointed and more than just a little jealous. I told them to go in the other room and I'd come in later. They didnt't, however.

Danny cleaned up from our earlier session and Hubby and Nina got on the bed. Nina straddled Hubby and Danny was behind her, between Hubby's legs. Yes...I realize how that sounds.

I was the photographer. I got some nice shots.

It took several tries. They had a tough time with logistics, but eventually made it work. Nina loved it. Said the feeling was unique, but I don't believe any of them ever came. Too much going on at once, I suppose.

Once Danny finished, Nina and Hubby finished. We all cuddled on the bed together for a while, and finally started to stir. Hubby grabbed a shower. Nina went back to the other room, Danny was sweet and stayed with me for a while, until I told him he needed to go be with his wife...cuddle with her, which he did.

A little bit later I walked in their room and Danny was just getting up for a shower. I took his place and snuggled up to Nina, the two of us, naked in bed together.

We just relaxed. Hubby came in and loved seeing us like that. Danny came out of the shower and also enjoyed the view. Finally she and I got up and got our showers.

We had a really nice weekend.

Even though I didn't get the DP that *I* had been wanting for the past couple of years. :-(



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let me see again - give me more

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